Genus Trametopsis Tomšovský

This genus was monotypic until Gómez-Montoya et al. (2017) added three tropical species.

  1. Trametopsis aborigena, Argentina
  2. Trametopsis brasiliensis, Brazil (Antrodiella brasiliensis)
  3. Trametopsis cervina, northern hemisphere
  4. Trametopsis luteocontexta, Brazil (Antrodiella luteocontexta)

Taxon Details and Links

  • Trametopsis Tomšovský, Czech Mycol. 60(1): 7 (2008). Type: Boletus cervinus Schwein. 1822.
Trametopsis is closely related to Raduliporus (Ceriporiopsis in part) and not to Trametes.
Gómez-Montoya, N., E. R. Drechsler-Santos, V. Ferreira Lopes, M. Tomšovský, C. Urcelay, G. L. Robledo. 2017. New insights on Trametopsis Tomšovský (Polyporales Gäum) based on phylogenetic evidences and morphological analyses of neotropical species. Phytotaxa. 311(2): 155-167. DOI: 10.11646/phytotaxa.311.2.3
Tomšovský, M. 2008. Molecular phylogeny and taxonomic position of Trametes cervina and description of the new genus Trametopsis. Czech Mycology 60(1): 1-11. [PDF available at Czech Mycology 2008]
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