Genus Donkia Pilát

[not related to Climacodon]

This genus is monotypic (has a single species). Further DNA phylogenetic work may add some orphan taxa. It is named after the Dutch mycologist Marinus Anton Donk (1908 - 1972).

  1. Donkia pulcherrima

Taxon Details and Links

  • Donkia Pilát, Bulletin de la Société Mycologique de France 52 (3): 328 (1936). Type: Hydnum pulcherrimum Berk. & M.A. Curtis (1849).
See Moreno et al. (2017). This genus has been reinstated for its type species shown to belong in the Phanerochaetaceae rather than in Meruliaceae with Climacodon. Climacodon sanguineus belongs with Climacodon and not Donkia.
Moreno, G., M. N. Blanco, G. Platas, J. Checa, I. Olariaga. 2017. Reappraisal of Climacodon (Basidiomycota, Meruliaceae) and reinstatement of Donkia (Phanerochaetaceae) using multigene data. Phytotaxa 291(3): 171–182. 10.11646/phytotaxa.291.3.1
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