Family Podoscyphaceae D.A. Reid

[part of residual clade of Polyporales]

This family needs further work to determine the species that fit into this clade. Justo et al. (2017) shows that this family contains some species that need to be moved out of Cymatoderma and Hypochnicium. Stephen Russell (pers. comm.) reports Podoscypha aculeata for northern Indiana and Jay Justice (pers. comm.) finds it in central Arkansas.

  1. Abortiporus (3 spp.), A. biennis is widely distributed in North America.
  2. Podoscypha (40 spp.), is widespread in tropics, P. aculeata is in northern Indiana, southern Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas, South Carolina, and Brazil.
  3. Pouzaroporia (1 sp.), P. subrufa, described from Ontario, is known from the central and eastern United States.

Taxon Details and Links

  • Podoscyphaceae D.A. Reid, Beih. Nova Hedwigia 18: 43 (1965). Type: Podoscypha Pat. 1900.
Pouzaroporia subrufa is not related to Ceriporiopsis gilvescens in the Meruliaceae; these two are type species of their respective genera; see Justo et al. (2017). Abortiporus fractipes was moved to Loweomyces in the Steccherinaceae.
Kuo, M. 2012. Podoscypha aculeata. MushroomExpert.Com.
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Vampola, P. 1992. Pouzaroporia, gen. nov. – a new genus of the polypores. Ceská Mykologie. 46(1–2): 57–61.
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