Globifomes graveolens

Globifomes graveolens (Schwein.) Murrill

[Fomes graveolens]

sweet knot.
Epithet = strong smelling. Genus = globular fomes (= tinder).
The newly growing mass of overlapping shelves is at first pale then becomes reddish brown. When mature it is dark grayish brown. I wonder if insects are involved in spore dispersal.
Similar species
White rot of the heartwood of living hardwoods, mostly on oak and beech. Found on tree trunks and logs.
Summer and fall but persists over the winter into the following year.
Eastern United States plus a record in New Mexico. Most collections are from the central states from Indiana eastward.
Chicago Region status
The first Chicago record, PRL 11561, was found by Crystal McAllister in early May 2014 on a club foray in southern Cook County. This had overwintered from the previous summer.
Specimens examined
Patrick has seen and collected this unique polypore twice with the Mycological Association of Washington DC. The Field Museum herbarium gained two more collections in 2014. The first was found in March by Amy Bolin in Parke County, Indiana, 150 miles south of Chicago. The second was the new record for Chicago; Rocky posted his photo of PRL 11561 on Mushroom Observer. Patrick Harvey has a 2013 photo record from north of St. Louis. There are a few other records from downstate Illinois.

Taxon Details and Links

  • Globifomes graveolens (Schwein. : Fr.) Murrill, Bulletin of the Torrey Botanical Club 31 (8): 424 (1904)
  • ≡ Basionym: Boletus graveolens Schwein., Schriften der Berlinische Gesellschaft Naturforschender Freunde 1: 97 (1822)
  • ≡ Sanctioned: Polyporus graveolens (Schwein.) Fr., Elenchus Fungorum 1: 79 (1828)
  • Fomes graveolens (Schwein.) Cooke, Grevillea 13 (68): 118 (1885)
This species was first sent to Schweinitz from Georgia.
The classification of this species followed a normal progression as the genera were split up, going from Boletus to Polyporus then Fomes and Globifomes. DNA analysis shows it closely related to Fomes fomentarius.
Gary Emberger
Michael Kuo
Mycobank: Gilbertson and Ryvarden 1986
Murrill, W. A. 1904. The Polyporaceae of North America-VIII. Hapalopilus, Pycnoporus, and New Monotypic Genera. Bulletin of the Torrey Botanical Club 31(8): 415-428. DOI: 10.2307/2478892
Mushroom Observer
Index Fungorum and Species Fungorum

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