Genus Trametella Pinto-Lopes

[related to Funalia]

The genus Trametella in the narrowest sense contains two closely related species, which have long been treated as members of other genera. Molecular phylogenies show T. gallica and T. trogii to be unrelated to Trametes (including Coriolopsis). With further molecular work this genus may merge with Funalia (see below).

  1. Trametella gallica
  2. Trametella trogii

Taxon Details and Links

  • Trametella Pinto-Lopes, Brotéria, N.S. 8: 160 (1952). Type: Trametes hispida Bagl. 1865 = Polyporus gallicus Fr. 1821.
The genus Trametella has been used by Pinto-Lopes (1952), Domański (1968), Teixeira (1986), and M. Pieri & B. Rivoire (2007). Both of these species have been placed in Cerrena, Coriolopsis, Funalia, Trametella, and Trametes.
With the inclusion of the generic type (Coriolopsis polyzona) in Trametes the name Coriolopsis becomes a synonym of Trametes. A change of type species could be proposed to keep the name Coriolopsis for the C. gallica group. Alternatively, the name Funalia Pat. could be adopted for the C. gallica group but no molecular data are available for the type species of Funalia, viz. Polyporus mons-veneris Jungh. (= Trametes leonina (Klotzsch) Imazeki, = Funalia leonina (Klotzsch) Pat.). Morphological characters of F. leonina, especially the spore length above 10 µm and the strigose pileus (Ryvarden & Johansen, 1980), suggest a relationship with the C. gallica group. The generic name Trametella Pinto-Lopes, typified by Trametes hispida (= C. gallica) is also available. Molecular data for Funalia leonina are critical for making a final decision for this group of species. Justo and Hibbett (2011).
Binder, M., A. Justo, R. Riley, A. Salamov, F. Lopez-Giraldez, E. Sjökvist, A. Copeland, B. Foster, H. Sun, E. Larsson, K-H. Larsson, J. Townsend, I. V. Grigoriev, and D. S. Hibbett. 2013. Phylogenetic and phylogenomic overview of the Polyporales. Mycologia 105(6): 1350-1373. DOI: 10.3852/13-003
Justo, A. and D.S. Hibbett. 2011. Phylogenetic classification of Trametes (Basidiomycota, Polyporales) based on a five-marker dataset. Taxon 60(6): 1567-1583.
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