Genus Metuloidea G. Cunn.

[poroid and hydnoid]

The phylogeny of this genus has hydnoid species within a group of poroid species. Brackets of M. murashkinskyi and Steccherinum subrawakense are hydnoid or irpicoid. There are observations on Mushroom Observer and other collections (e.g., NAMA, Leacock) from Eastern North America of both a poroid species and a hydnoid species. They look very similar except for the hymenophore. The poroid species is less common and is reported as M. fragrans (on MO for Pennsylvania and Tennessee; D.P. Lewis for Louisiana).

The hydnoid species is reported as Steccherinum subrawakense (personal communication by Slava Spirin to Django Grootmyers). This taxon, described by Murrill from Florida, is sweet smelling as is typical of Metuloidea and will likely be transferred. On Mushroom Observer the distribution is centered on Ohio, from Michigan and Southern Ontario to Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Georgia, and Texas. Closest record to Chicago is northern Indiana, east of Indiana Dunes on Carpinus caroliniana: MO 146768.

The species known at present are listed below. Their original genus placement is in parentheses.

  1. M. cinnamomea (Antrodiella), Venezuela
  2. M. fragrans (Trametes), Europe, Russia; Eastern North America(?)
  3. M. murashkinskyi (Hydnum), Russia
  4. M. rhinocephala (Polyporus), Australia, New Zealand
  5. M. tawa (Trametes), New Zealand
  6. Steccherinum subrawakense [not Irpex], Eastern North America

Taxon Details and Links

  • Metuloidea G. Cunn., Bulletin of the New Zealand Department of Scientific and Industrial Research 164: 263 (1965). Type: Trametes tawa G. Cunn., Bulletin of the New Zealand Department of Scientific and Industrial Research 80: 9 (1948).
In 1965, Gordon Herriot Cunningham created the genus Metuloidea for Trametes tawa, a polypore he published in 1948 from New Zealand. In 2016, Miettinen, Ryvarden, and Spirin added four species to the genus. They report that Metuloidea rhinocephala (an older taxon) is very close to the type M. tawa. Other species are likely to be added, at least from Steccherinum.
Wikipedia: Metuloidea
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