Order Sebacinales M. Weiss, Selosse, Rexer, A. Urb. & Oberw.

[one of 5 groups of jelly fungi]

This order now contains two families and eight or more genera. The Tremellodendron growth form arose several times within Sebacina.

  1. Sebacinaceae (Helvellosebacina, Sebacina)
  2. Serendipitaceae (Serendipita)

Taxon Details and Links

  • Sebacinales M. Weiss, Selosse, Rexer, A. Urb. & Oberw., Mycological Research 108 (9): 1007 (2004). Type: Sebacina Tul. & C. Tul. 1873.
These jelly fungi were formerly in the Auriculariales and also at one time in the Exidiaceae, Tremellales, but DNA phylogeny puts them in a basal position in the Agaricomycetes.
Tree of Life (2008)
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