Genus Tremellodendropsis (Corner) D.A. Crawford

Tremellodendropsis has basidia that are partially and secondarily longitudinally septate (cross-walls extend down from the apex). The following species are recognized on Index Fungorum, but DNA analysis is needed to sort out species limits and generic placement. Several species are recorded in North America; Tremellodendropsis tuberosa is the best known. This genus is visually similar to and easily confused with Sebacina (Tremellodendron) when identifications are based on photos, such as iNaturalist and Mushroom Observer.

  1. Tremellodendropsis clavulinoides
  2. Tremellodendropsis flagelliformis
  3. Tremellodendropsis helvetica
  4. Tremellodendropsis pusio
  5. Tremellodendropsis semivestita
  6. Tremellodendropsis transpusio
  7. Tremellodendropsis tuberosa

Taxon Details and Links

  • Tremellodendropsis (Corner) D.A. Crawford, Transactions and Proceedings of the Royal Society of New Zealand 82: 618 (1954). Type: Merisma tuberosum Grev., Scott. crypt. Fl.: 178, t. 178 (1825).
Tremellodendropsis was split out of Aphelaria in 1954. They were treated as part of Clavariaceae but have since parted company. Tremellodendropsis with partially septate basidia was moved to the Tremellales, then the Auriculariales, and now its own order Tremellodendropsidales.
T. tuberosa by Michael Kuo
T. tuberosa on MykoWeb: California Fungi
T. tuberosa by Archivio Micologico (Italy), Giulio Martino
T. tuberosa on Wikipedia
Berbee, M. L., E. Y. Y. Wong, C. K. M. Tsui. 2016. Phylogenetic evidence places the coralloid jelly fungus Tremellodendropsis tuberosa (Tremellodendropsidales) among early diverging Agaricomycetes. Mycological Progress 15(9): pp 939–946. DOI: 10.1007/s11557-016-1220-x
Corner, E. J. H. 1966. The clavarioid complex of Aphelaria and Tremellodendropsis. Transactions of the British Mycological Society 49(2): 205-211. DOI: 10.1016/S0007-1536(66)80054-2
Septum and Pore Cap TEM image by K. Wells, 1994, Mycologia 86: 18-48. University of Minnesota - AFTOL. Shows a continous (unperforated) pore cap, a feature shared with other early diverging Agaricomycetes and also found in the Dacrymycetes.
Index Fungorum

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