Family Dacrymycetaceae Bref.

Seven or more species have been found in the Chicago Region. Most require further documentation and determination of the species.

  1. Calocera (about 23 species), C. cornea, C. viscosa
  2. Cerinomyces (about 14 species), needs confirmation for Chicago
  3. Cerinosterus (anamorph, one species)
  4. Dacrymyces (about 59 species), D. stillatus at least
  5. Dacryonaema (one species in Europe)
  6. Dacryopinax (about 21 species), D. elegans, D. spathularia
  7. Dacryoscyphus (anamorph, one species)
  8. Ditiola (about 20 species)
  9. Femsjonia (about 6 species)
  10. Guepiniopsis (about 8 species), to be determined for Chicago

Taxon Details and Links

  • Dacrymycetaceae Bref., Untersuchungen aus dem Gesammtgebiete der Mykologie 7: 138 (1888). Type: Dacrymyces Nees 1816.
Cerinomycetaceae Jülich (1981) is either a separate family or a synonym.
McLaughlin, D. J. and J. W. Spatafora, Eds. 2014. Systematics and Evolution, Second Edition, The Mycota VII Part A. Springer Verlag. [complete volume PDF at Hibbett Lab Publications.]
Index Fungorum

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