Why Look Underneath?

The View Underneath

Remember to always look at the underside of the mushroom. Helpful features for identification can be found there. This is where the hymenium is usually located; the reproductive surface where the spores are produced.

Photos © P. R. Leacock

Close-up view of orange gills.
Gills bright orange.
Close-up of brown gills.
Gills with sinuate attachment.
Close-up of irregular ridges.
Merulioid folds or irregular pores.
Close-up of pores.
Pores elongated to maze-like.
Close-up of pores.
Pores elongated, staining brown.
Close-up of pores.
Large maze-like pores.
Close-up of pores.
Pores angular, colored tan.
Close-up of pores.
Pores angular, becoming toothy.
Close-up of pores.
Pores mostly round, turning gray.
Close-up of underside.
Mostly smooth, yellowish brown.
Close-up of underside.
Smooth or folded, bleeding red.
Close-up of underside.
Teeth (spines) bright orange.

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