Canceled: 2020 Northwoods Foray

Britt Bunyard: Sorry everyone, but this year's public event, like most other mushroom events in North America, is officially cancelled due to COVID-19. I don't want to put anyone at risk. Let's keep our fingers crossed for 2021.

Some of my regular volunteers and experts (and me) will probably be at Lakewoods on Foray Weekend, however. So if you made reservations with Lakewoods Resort and still plan to be there, you will likely see us. If you need help with mushroom IDs, we can help, if around. If you need tips on where to look for mushrooms, we can help.

Image of national forest sign.

Food and Lodging

As of today, Lakewoods Resort will be open this fall for lodging, dining, bar etc. Our regular foray display and discussion room downstairs (the Young Room), will be closed.

If you are on lockdown at home and really needing to see mushrooms, but cannot get into the woods, I have some suggestions: FUNGI Magazine! and the brand new book Amanitas of North America! Both can be found at

northwoods foray

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