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Image of new Stereum web page.

Updates and history for MycoGuide website

A selection of additions and upgrades

For detailed Updates of the Guide subsite pages see Guide Updates.

Brief research report summary for 2020.

2020 December 28 to 29: Updating my Guide code to move from CMS Kirby 2 to current Kirby 3. This included new working versions of menus and Site Map and Search.

2020 December 25 to 28: Updating my Guide code to move from older CMS Kirby 1 to Kirby 2.

2020 December 24: As this site continues with upgrades, I solved the bug causing random days of missing images; was due to mix of HTTPS pages and HTTP image links. The conversion to HTTPS should be complete. Remember to do a hard-refresh when testing [Ctrl+F5].

2020 December 23: Refactored the PHP templates for the new taxon page. This is the new live Stereum page. These new PHP templates can be developed further without breaking the previous set of templates.

2020 December 17 to 22: Refactored (rebuilt) the new taxon page layout. This is a static Stereum page. About every two years I improve the page code for current best practices of HTML5 and CSS3. For 2021, this work includes finishing the transition (for all 200+ pages) to CSS3 Grid and Flexbox for layout rather than floats; improving the semantic structure; refactoring the PHP templates.

2020 November 30 to December 19: Developing new layout for taxon pages. The new expanded Stereum page was used for testing.

2020 November 23 to 29: What started as a simple Stereum page edit turned into eight days of a deep dive into current developments and the older literature. This in turn led to a much expanded page for Stereum that required a more expansive layout template for text and images.

2020 November: There were four Guide pages with unique templates that missed my 2018 mobile responsive upgrade; these now have a current 2020 design. Flipped the switch to run secure site as HTTPS.

Image of old Stereum web page.

2019 January: finished converting [most] existing pages and these 225 pages were uploaded. Improvements and additions continued during the year.

2018 November to December: website redesign. Rebuilding taxon pages to be mobile friendly and utilizing the current HTML5 and CSS3 supported by modern browsers. Layout floats replaced by CSS Grid and Flexbox. Style sheets with CSS variables to more easily swap themes. Figure and Details elements; pseudo-selectors, CSS animations.

2018 June to October: New pages and edits in Guide.

2018 January to May: worked on genus and species pages for Irpicaceae, Polyporaceae, and many other updates.

2017 January to December: various updates and new pages. Reference URLs converted to DOI links One major project was creating pages for all 18 families of the Order Polyporales.

2016 January to December: Completed all Orders under Class Agaricomycetes. This year I also added other new pages including the set for Cantharellus chicagoensis.

2015 January to November: Many MANY new pages for both basidiomycetes and ascomycetes. Added content to the pages under Chicago, Methods, Resources.

2015 January: Continued building with Kirby. Laid out major pages for content structure.

Image of 2013 home page.

2014: Explored CMS options; decided on Kirby; started building site (Apr to Dec).

2013 Jan to Feb: Developed site design (Tric-cali) and site structure (directories).

2012: Started making content. Experimenting with a CMS.

2011: Had temporary home page.

2010: Domain obtained.